What We Provide
Your Family Tree and History

Your Family Tree
Your family tree can include as many generations as you would like to see (assuming the information can be found).

Your Family History Report
This is a chronological report on each person in your tree, including as many generations as you would like.  The report will include all available, verifiable information, such as date and place of birth, occupation, date and place of marriage(s), dates and birthplaces of any children, military service, residences, property, death, and burial, as well as photographs.

Supporting Documentation
This is any official record used to create your family tree and report, and may include:
  • federal and state census records
  • birth, baptism, marriage, and death certificates
  • military service documents
  • land purchase records
  • obituaries and other news articles
  • extracts from published works that mention your ancestor
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