Genealogy Fun

Interesting Facts

You Never Know What You'll Find:  One of my clients had a grandmother with a unique name: Chalastie.  The client had not been able to find any information about her, but with some patience, determination, and creative search techniques, I found that Chalastie's name was nearly always misspelled by census enumerators and other government officials.  She appeared as Charlotte, Celeste, Selecia, Chalstic, Schlister, Scholastica, and even Sholastega!

It's Funny Because It's True:  You know you're getting too serious about genealogy when you finish a family research project by asking your family members to provide DNA samples.

Little-Known Fact:  Nearly the entire 1890 U.S. Federal Census was lost.  A government official ordered that it be stored in the basement of the Commerce Building in Washington, D.C.  A subsequent fire in the basement burned all but a few scraps.

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