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  Hello, I'm Leah!  My career as a staff officer in the Air Force and then as a technical writer and editor at
 the Missile Defense Agency has given me skills I now apply to researching ancestry.

    See the pictures at the bottom of this page? They're some of my ancestors, and I didn't have a single one of those photos when I began.

earching one's ancestry is fascinating--it's like solving a huge puzzle, and you never know when one small piece will open a floodgate of information.  When I started to research my own family, I knew only my grandparents' and two of my great-grandparents' names. I now have family lines stretching back into the 1500s, from Ireland, Germany, and France (with a 200-year detour through Canada).  I've made contact with relatives across the U.S. and in Ireland, Australia, and Spain (the sources of the pictures), including my 92-year-old second cousin Eddie in Dublin, who provided a whole line of my paternal grandmother's ancestors.

   After discovering how much information is out there, I started wanting to help other people explore their ancestry; I've learned a lot about how to find information and connect the little pieces that become branches of your tree.

ding family histories for busy people has become my favorite activity; I never tire of searching through pages of history to find a missing ancestor or a connection to a famous person or event.  I would be glad to research your family's precious, unique, and irreplaceable history!

  Professional organizations:
  Pikes Peak Genealogical Society
  Iroquois County Historical Society
  Researcher for


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